Friday, March 7, 2008

Girly guilty pleasures

OK, sometimes I feel like a cliche (which is my least favorite thing to feel like) when, as a Sex and the City fan, I go to New York and see all of the other Midwestern tourist ladies visiting locations from the series (Magnolia Bakery, Carrie's stoop on Perry St.) and shopping for faux designer purses on Canal St. The phenomenon has only gotten bigger since the show ended because so many more people see it now on TBS and other channels. However, despite the fact there will be even too much estrogen for this girl in the theater, I can't help but to be really excited about the upcoming movie. I'm nervous about their transition to the big screen and nervous about where they are taking these girls' lives, but this trailer looks promising. It's so nice to see Mario Cantone again!

Second guilty pleasure, a new dance album from Madonna to be released on April 29th called Hard Candy (does she know The Counting Crows already have a great album with that title?). Anyway, despite Warner Brothers best efforts, you can usually find the first single, 4 Minutes, somewhere on You Tube before they block it. One that worked this morning was You might find it catchy or you might find it grating but, as someone who has been evolving with her since the 80s, I am usually rooting her on.

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