Friday, March 21, 2008

Foodie? Aspiring Foodie? Just want to sound impressive to foodie friends?

Well, it is as easy as listening to a very enjoyable radio show out of New York City. Mike Colameco presents the very informative and entertaining show, Food Talk, for an hour on weekdays and 2 hours on Sundays. Thanks to him, we now not only know how to pronounce charcuterie but we know what it is (warning: sweetbreads are not what they sound like) and we know that the hip place to get it in New York City is Bar Boulud. Sure, the show can sometimes get a bit New York-centric but, if you have a trip coming up there, what a great resource for where the locals are eating. If you don't have a trip planned for NYC, why not? What a great city. Anyway, the Sunday show is a national show he takes that into consideration. He also has themes for each day. Monday his guest is usually a food writer, On Tuesdays it is usually a chef, Wednesdays are baking days and a pastry chef usually joins him, Thursdays are wine days with a sommelier or other wine expert, and Fridays are restaurant days. He will spark your enthusiasm for cooking and using fresh ingredients. He also has great bumper music and sometimes waxes poetic about great guitarists. The really fabulous thing is, you can listen to his show on your own timetable. His home station, WOR, has a really nice website where you can listen live, listen via iTunes, or go back into the Audio Archive and play the show on your computer when it is a good time for you. Bon Appetit!

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