Thursday, March 27, 2008

Customized clothes

It is great how easy it is nowadays to get clothes with what you want printed on them. There is that method where you can make your own iron on with just your computer, a printer, and the special transfer sheet that you can buy at the office supply store but we never had great luck with that. Our latest try was with the Customized Girl website at We found them through a simple Google search for a customized organic onesie (because, big surprise, there evidently isn't a big enough demand to mass market onesies with Anais Nin quotes). Their site was so easy to navigate letting us choose between lots of fonts and spacing the words out on our piece. We are very pleased with the above result and we think it will make a great gift. We also think the grand total of $23.22 is a pretty good price for it and worth the money considering how much better it looks than if we would have tried to do it ourselves.


Allyson said...

Stumbled upon this website and as a new Indy resident I'm really glad I found it!

WYA! said...

Welcome, wilkommen, bienvenue! We are glad you are Indy and we are glad that you found us. Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting!