Monday, May 12, 2008

Taylor's Bakery

Mrs. WYA!'s Mom has a thing for white cake and she has fallen hard for Taylor's version of it. Personally, Mrs. WYA! doesn't understand the point of a cake that isn't chocolate, but that is just her opinion. The Mom says it should have angels on top of it because it is so heavenly. We love how we can just walk into Taylor's (we go to the one in Fishers but assume the Allisonville Rd. one is lovely too) the day we want to give it to her and they have several in the counter of varying sizes (mini, single layer, double layer). They already have pretty icing flowers but they also have room on top in case you want them to write an icing message on it, which they can do perfectly with lightening fast speed. We love the prompt, courteous service and we love that they have always had little samples out when we have been there. Of course, they have a dazzling array of other goodies but we have only gone there for the white cake. You'll have to let us know what your Taylor's favorites are.

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