Monday, May 5, 2008

Shapiros-since 1905

If you have been continually in business serving food for over a hundred years, you HAVE to be good. However, Shapiro's is not is GREAT. If you haven't been, get away from the monitor and go. You can finish the blog first.

Shapiro's has been a downtown mainstay for good reason, and its Carmel clone brings the same downtown attitude to the suburbs. There are separate lines if you just want a tasty dessert to go, but the real action is in the cafeteria style food line. I can't imagine how comfort food could get much comforting.

You start off by getting your tray and your utensils. Desserts are the first thing you pass. The variety is mind-boggling, from jello cubes to rhubarb pie (yes Hoosiers, rhubarb pie). Then come cold sides and salads (chunky potato salad, pre-made salads loaded with lettuce and veggies, deviled eggs). Sandwiches (the corned beef is HUGE, bring a friend), then hot entrees and hot sides.

We opted for a slice of the rhubarb pie, which is like our Grandmother used to make. When people attempt to make it, they tend to make it too sugary, not the case here. It had the right balance of tangy and sweet.

The pre-made California Salad is always a good healthy choice and much appreciated by those who come and aren't big eaters. We brought help and got someone to split the corned beef on rye. If it looks expensive for a sandwich, it is because there is a massive quantity of premium meat on the sandwich. If you tell them you are splitting it, they will give you an extra plate and two crisp pickles.

Splitting the sandwich gave me enough room for the cup of matzoh ball soup with noodles. This is the biggest bargain on the menu a cup, for $2.65, is a huge matzoh ball, with a ladle of chicken stock with carrot and noodles.

The downtown location is especially fun before Colts games. They have the plasma screen on the pre-game show, and families (seemingly all wearing Peyton Manning jerseys) all come to enjoy a hearty meal before the game.

Check out the menu , again if it looks pricey, keep in mind that you will not leave hungry.

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