Tuesday, May 13, 2008


For various reasons, we go to Fort Wayne more than the average Indianapolis resident so we occasionally opine on offerings that are there. We can't understand how the city of Indianapolis let DeBrand slip through its fingers. There was briefly a DeBrand candy store/cafe in the shopping centre across from the Fashion Mall several years ago. They make the best truffles ever, this is not opinion, this is fact. Everyone in Fort Wayne knows this (even Donald Trump knows this) and they have kept DeBrand in business for over 20 years. Of course, they offer a lot of goodies besides truffles, such as their exotic Connoisseur Collection which mixes chocolate with ingredients like chili powder, curry, and sesame. They have a great website that you can order from or, these truffles are so good, a chocolate lover would be completely rational making the 2 hour drive from Indianapolis to Fort Wayne just to visit one of their stores for a treat. Pictured above is our favorite dark chocolate truffle with an espresso that we enjoyed there over the weekend (isn't the espresso cup adorable?). We highly recommend this combination.

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