Thursday, May 1, 2008

Gift idea for upcoming graduates

It is getting to be that time of year when seniors let out a big sigh of relief and cap and gowns wait in the closet for the big ceremony. It is also when even happier parents throw big bashes to celebrate getting their kid through it all. You might be getting graduation party invitations and wondering whether you should just give cash or a gift. We have a graduate in our life this year and we had a more personal idea for a gift that you might want to steal. We thought that some pithy words to carry them into the exciting unknown that is their future was fitting for a grad. Words that might get them through tough times and maybe even resonate with them more as the years go by. So, we thought of some of our favorite books that we have read and we bought copies of them hoping that they might strike the graduation as inspiring too. Then, we bought the prettiest blank journal that we could find. We filled some of the pages with favorite quotes of ours that we have collected through the years. We did this using our best effort at fancy calligraphy but even just your normal handwriting would be a nice personal touch. We left plenty of blank pages so, through the years, the graduate could start writing in their own favorite quotes. Our finishing touch to the gift came from They have a huge array of bags and you can upload artwork or just add some text to their products. We chose the happy floral bag and put another favorite quote on it. Then, we just load the books in the bag, wrap it, and voila- a gift that shows you cared enough to put a little effort into it.

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LawTunes said...

Thank you. Might I please humbly suggest if we are talking about a pre-law or law school graduate, the unique lawyer-created, law-related humor rock-and-roll albums from LawTunes? Thanks again.