Thursday, May 8, 2008

In Praise of Peewinkle

We admit it, we like a puppet show. However, we do not have children and we don't even know any to take with us to puppet shows. Luckily, Peewinkle's Adult Cabaret is back and it is this Friday, May 9th. We have seen the adult Peewinkle shows a couple of times but we don't think that they offered any adult ones for the past couple of years. Let's be clear, there is nothing salacious here. It is just that they offer a no kiddies show with wine and snacks. The shows that we have been to have been wonderful. You can tell that there is a lot of love in the productions and you can't help but to be charmed to be amongst other adults who think it is fun to watch a puppet show. You've probably seen Peewinkle's building. It is diagonal from the Slippery Noodle (we like to imagine that Peewinkle hits the Noodle after a performance). We are out of town on Friday, darn it, so we have to miss it but please let us know what you thought if you go to it.

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