Saturday, February 7, 2009

Without question, one of the best gifts we received this past Christmas was a gift certificate for Kiva. We got to look through a list of entrepreneurs from around the world who need a loan and choose who we wanted to loan our gift certificate amount to from that list. We chose a lady from Ghana who sells onions and maize to support her 5 children. Once she repays the loan, we can then turn around and loan the money to someone else. This is our first experience loaning money through Kiva and we're pretty excited about it.

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Erin D. said...

Love, love, LOVE kiva. What a brilliant idea. And you can reloan once your money is repaid (or get it back if you so choose).

And check out, my other favorite online charity where you pick a public school project to support (and you can pick local schools if you want). The thank you notes from the kids are priceless.