Monday, February 16, 2009

Big Fun with Cirque Du Soleil at Conseco

We thought that we were way overdue in seeing a Cirque show so we made sure we grabbed tickets for their Saltimbanco show that was in Indy over the weekend. We absolutely loved it. It was exceptionally fortuitous that this show was here in mid- February because, as things outside look like someone turned on the sepia setting, we really needed to see all of the color that the sets and costumes had. Many of you have probably seen one of the many shows of Cirque Du Soleil, here or across the country. Mrs. WYA! has never even been to a traditional circus but she has a feeling that this is more to her taste anyway. The show started with acrobats jumping from pole to pole high in the air and then seemingly defying gravity by holding their bodies horizontally from the pole. Mrs. WYA! feels like she has a long way to go with her handstands because she still needs to do them by a wall while one of the performers here did it on his bicycle's handlebars (after he had gotten the bike up to speed and kept it moving). There were a couple of ladies who moved as one and at points appeared to stay on their trapeze by nothing more than the strength of their toes. Not to be outdone by the ladies, a couple of the gentlemen provided jaw dropping feats of strength including having one do a one armed handstand on the other's head! There was a comedic mime who got the audience involved (we're glad that we were out of his range in the wonderful Club Level). What looked like the most fun to us was the big swing that they brought out after the intermission. Several performers would stand on it and get it swinging really high and then fly in the air off of it. We'd really like to give that a try. We hope that another Cirque show comes back through Indy soon.

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