Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dash-In Restaurant and Coffeehouse- Fort Wayne, IN

During the few years of married life that we spent in Fort Wayne, the Dash-In was always a welcome respite. It had a bit of an urban feel with it's brick walls and big windows in an old downtown building. The menu had offerings that weren't found at other area restaurants including some vegetarian options. During our recent visit there, we found that the menu hadn't changed that much. They still have a couple of Mrs. WYA's favorites like the Veggie Wrap and the Grilled Mediterranean Sandwich (pictured here with a side of pasta salad). It was bone chilling the day we were there so Mrs. WYA!, tea addict that she is, needed some hot tea even more than usual. While most folks probably go more for the coffee, they had a better than expected tea selection and the green tea hit the spot. When the server asked if she could fill the beautiful glass mug with more hot water to steep some more flavor out of the tea bag, she endeared herself to Mrs. WYA! for life. If you are trying to find a unique place to dine or grab a tasty hot beverage (Mr. WYA! was always partial to the Vietnamese coffee here), this is a great place to visit.
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