Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Bosphorus Restaurant- Indianapolis, IN

We've loved Bosphorus restaurant for a long time and, while we were having another lovely meal there recently, we decided it deserved to be on our W(Y)All of Fame. We are still struck, as we were on our first visit there, by how beautiful it is. We absolutely love how it is painted- the colors and the designs painted on the wood floor. We also love how it feels like were in a friend's home when we are there. Of course, the food is divine too.

We went for a late lunch but got there before the end of the 11A-2P weekday lunch special. We've only been there on the weekends before so we didn't even know about this. For $8.50, we got to have our choice of an appetizer and an entree from their lunch special menu. Mr. WYA! chose the hummus appetizer and Doner entree while Mrs. WYA! chose the dolma appetizer and Veggie Casserole entree. We went in thinking that we'd have to order the big appetizer combo for 2 on their regular menu because we can't go there and not have dolmas and their exceptionally good pita bread. We were pretty happy to have the lunch special option where we could share just a couple of appetizers. Mrs. WYA! was very happy with her light meal of eggplant cubes, peppers, carrots, onions, and other veggies in tomato sauce with a dainty scoop of rice on the side. Mr.WYA! enjoyed the doner special; a perfect amount of tender, marinated beef and lamb stacked on a plate and served with a little salad, some sauteed veggies, and a pile of rice.

Fans of strong coffee will definitely want to finish the meal with Turkish coffee.

Their website has their menu but you can click on the above photo to enlarge the weekday lunch special options.

It's just one of those places where you leave with a happy stomach and a contented heart.

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Rebecca said...

I've always loved the Bosphorus! The intimate atmosphere is great, and I am addicted to the Turkish Delight and the charred pita bread.