Tuesday, February 17, 2009

This is the time of year when Mrs. WYA! gets excited about seeing the March Spring Fashion issues of magazines. After seeing this blurb about Harper's Bazaar's March issue, she was especially anxious to grab a copy because of the lovely cover with Sarah Jessica Parker on the Brooklyn Bridge. However, when we got to Borders yesterday, the cover looked like the photo we have here. We flipped through the magazine to see if that picture was on the inside but all we found was a minuscule copy of the picture on the Table of Contents page where it lists the credits of who made the clothes for the cover. Evidently, the pretty cover is only on the subscriber copies of the magazine and this cover, which doesn't even look like the cover of a professional magazine, is the newsstand cover. We thought that the magazine publishing business was struggling now; shouldn't they be appreciative that we bought a copy of the magazine at all instead of just checking it out online and give us the same pretty cover?

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