Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fun at the Fresh Market

One thing that helps us get through the second half of winter is spending those holiday gift cards. We had big fun this week at the Fresh Market on College Avenue spending our $25 gift card. We made a point of not getting any of our usual staples and just buying exotic things since they were gifts. We felt like we got a nice little bounty. We're sure that stores hope that, when customers come in to spend gift cards, they go over the gift card amount. We, however, like to see how close we can come to it. We only went .79 over which we though was pretty good. We got a couple of Root candle votives, spinach pancakes, gnocchi, some French bread, a couple of retro sodas (Moxie and Frostie root beer which Mrs. WYA! used to have with her Grandpa back in the day in St. Mary's, Ohio- we didn't know they still made it!), Aux Delices des Bois' Black Truffle Butter which is so decadently delicious it is worth every penny and every fat gram, a jar of Taramosalata which is a Greek style caviar spread that we really liked even though we aren't big caviar fans, and one piece of dark chocolate Lindt candy. We considered it a pretty good haul and a really great gift.

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