Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Scenes from... Decatur, Indiana

During her childhood, Mrs. WYA took many a trip through Decatur, IN on the way to Grandma's house. The Central Soya silos were the first sight and another highlight was the white castle-like building that, if memory serves, was a BMV for awhile. It is still there, by the Arnold's Drive-In, although it looks like a private business now. Anyway, we explored the heart of their downtown years later when we started browsing at antique shops. Many of the shops are now gone but Yvonne Marie's is still there. It's sprawling and always fun to explore.

We also had to take a picture of the gorgeous former train depot that is now the florist/gift shop Gandy Dancer's. This was also a fun place to browse and, of course, we love them for re-using this great building.

Yvonne Marie's Antique Mall: 260.724.2001
152 S. 2nd Street
Decatur, IN 46733

Gandy Dancer's: 260-728-2881
111 N. 7th St.
Decatur, IN 46733


Anne said...

Ah! You've got me nostalgic for this place in Decatur:

I loved reading all of the old "Berma Shave" signs while eating a delicious meal.... I smell ( and taste ) a road trip coming on ;-)

WYA! said...

Can you believe I don't think I ever ate there? Growing up in FW I certainly heard about it but don't recall ever going there. I do remember the L & K restaurant/motel that was nearby. The restaurant made an impression on me because I remember individual juke boxes at the booths.- Mrs. WYA!

Harl Delos said...

That wasn't the "Back 40 Junction" until it was bought out (by the Azar brothers, if I recall correctly). Maybe that would have been around 1975 or so.

It originally was called the Fairmont Restaurant. The "Back 40" was one room in the Fairmont, originally.

I liked L&K restaurants. I seem to remember them as especially clean, and being male, I don't normally notice that sort of thing. They also could be found in Van Wert, on US 127 just south of US 30, and at the south end of Defiance on Ohio 66.

Anonymous said...

The "Fairway" Restaurant was originally located on the corner of 13th (US 27) and Nuttman. It was remodeled in the 70's and then became the BACK 40. The site was sold and replaced with McDonalds when the new and present restaurant was built. Azar's purchased the restaurant later maybe in the early '80's.
The train depot on 7th St now sits empty, but the city which owns the property is repairing the many years of neglect. The area has been cleaned up and looks much better than when the florist occupied it. They did not take care of the place, the yard was always full of weeds and junk surrounded the building. The city is looking for a new tenet, one that will take care of it.
The former L&K Restaurant is now Andy's Car Wash.

Anonymous said...

The castle at the corner of 13th and Monroe was originally a gas station remodeled in the '80's and became a fast food restaurant. The Royal Roaster, a roasted chicken place. It didn't last long and a Shoe Store moved in "The Shoe Castle" then The BMV and now the local Cable TV Office.