Saturday, December 13, 2008

Remember to check out Indiana artists and crafters on Etsy for your holiday shopping. You can support Hoosiers while giving a really unique gift. We have fond memories of Jenny Elkins' store that used to be on Mass Ave (if memory serves us correctly) and we think that we even went through her studio during a Cottage Home Neighborhood Tour. Anyway, she has a page here. We also really like Fort Wayne's Todd Young's paintings which can be purchased for only $10!! Another Fort Wayne artist, has some beautiful photos for $28. Pink Grapefruit Style has all kinds of fascinating goodies including some vintage stuff that we love. These low prices eliminate that "original art is too expensive to buy" excuse. These are just a few of the sellers; there are 10 pages that come up for Indiana. Just go to Etsy's homepage, click the "buy" tab at the top, click the "shop local" box that comes up in the list, and then type in Indiana to see how much talent and creativity our state has.

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nora said...

I did some local Esty shopping.
Thanks for the link to Jenny's page. You're right, she used to be on the east end of Massachusetts Ave, then moved to the spot where Luna is now.