Friday, December 12, 2008

Make your gifts- they'll appreciate your effort

We keep reading about how handmade gifts are making a comeback this year because of the economy. We have always loved getting handmade gifts. Mrs. WYA! was in charge of beverages for her work holiday get together and she thought about how she could put her creative spin on that. She thought about fancy spiced hot beverages and mocktails but then she decided to focus her creativity on the glasses. Meijer is a great source for cheap, plain, clear wine glasses, champagne flutes, and coffee mugs. She picked up a set of flutes and came up with a design using colors of the Plaid Folk Art Enamels paint that she already had. These paints are great. You just clean your glass with isopropyl alcohol (which you can also use as an eraser if you make a stroke that you don't like), paint your design (there are usually workbooks near the paints at the store if you need inspiration), bake the glass in the oven to set the paint, let them cool and you're ready to present a unique present. On the back of the paint bottle it says that the glass can even be put in the top rack of the dishwasher. Don't worry about making it perfect- any machine can do perfect. It's the handmade touch that will appreciate.

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