Monday, December 8, 2008

Lunch at City Cafe- Indianapolis

City Cafe is an adorable little place downtown that is a very popular breakfast spot (and it is their breakfast menu that we have pictured here). However, we recently went for lunch and what a delicious meal we had. We had heard about their tomato dill soup that is always the soup of the day on Fridays from someone in Mrs. WYA!'s yoga class (another reason to go to yoga class- not only will you feel good from the inside out but you'll meet the coolest people with the best taste there). Mrs. WYA! had a cup of that along with the other special of the day, vegetable lasagna. Both dishes were amazing. The tomato soup was thick with chunks of tomatoes and the dill just harmonized with the tomato so well. The lasagna had butternut squash, provolone and a crispy top layer but we won't rave about that too much since it was a special and might not be available when you go there. Mr. WYA! chose the "tenderloin" sandwich. It's not the big breaded traditional creation that you might expect. This re-imagined delicacy had a layer of blue cheese spread thinly at the bottom of the sandwich, topped with a generous stack of rare beef, topped with thick cut bacon strips, then covered in caramelized onion. This was a filling and delicious sandwich. The sides were apples slices or chips (although you could upgrade to a small salad or cup of soup for a nominal charge).

Our only complaint with City Cafe is that usually, we usually experience a bit of a wait getting seated, even if there are tables available. The sign at the front of the Cafe instructs diners to wait to be seated but, for whatever reason, that usually isn't a prompt process and, in such a tiny space, we feel especially awkward standing around hoping to catch someone's attention. We'll gladly overlook this little lapse in service when the food is so good (and local).

City Cafe
443 N. Pennsylvania St.
Indianapolis, IN 46204
Hours: 7A-2P Mon-Fri, 8A-1P Sat, closed Sun
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Rebecca said...

I'll check it out when I'm downtown. Thanks for the tip!

I admit though that I get frustrated when I have an awesome special and never seem to be able to get again. I'm still hoping to hit DuFour's when their chicken-cream cheese-nut bread-jam sandwich (not the real name :) ) is offered again. It was too addictive to be a special.