Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holy cow! Mrs. WYA! actually won one of the prizes from Allure Magazine's month of Free Stuff that we blogged about back in August and it just came yesterday. It is M Lab's Anti-Aging Treatment Cream that is valued at $260! Now, the question is whether to use it (and potentially fall in love with an expensive product that she would never buy or, worse, it would disagree with her skin) or post it on Ebay. Still, it is way fun to win stuff! Thanks Allure and M Lab.


Harl Delos said...

"Gee, Honey, it's wonderful you've won, but what's the shelf life on that stuff?"

"Won't it go bad decades before you actually need it?"

WYA! said...

Oh that's a good line. Mrs. WYA! thinks she will use it- sometimes she is remiss in pampering herself.

nora said...

woo hoo!