Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Rathskeller Restaurant- Indianapolis, IN

Mrs. WYA! rarely drinks alcohol and doesn't really care much for German food and yet, she loves the Rathskeller and their Kellerbar. We love it because you can look at a picture of it from 1905 (like this W.H. Bass one here) and it looks essentially the same as it does today. It is full of history and character and we're suckers for that. As their website states, it was established in 1894 as the Athenaeum restaurant. We recently went for dinner and Mr. WYA! enjoyed the Sauerbraten and Mrs. WYA! was tempted by the vegetarian option of the Mixed Vegetable Platter (where you get to choose 5 of their sides and make a meal out of those) but went with the Vegetarian Greek Pasta which could not have been more delicious. Of course, we always appreciate the bread basket with the big, warm, soft and salty pretzels served with a spicy mustard. Those pretzels along with a great beer in the Kellerbar is an ideal way to spend some of these winter nights. We didn't remember that they served lunch everyday but when we checked out their website it says that they are open for lunch everyday from 11AM-2PM.

We didn't take many pictures because the place was absolutely hopping when we were there and we figured that revelers out on a Saturday night at the Rathskeller wouldn't appreciate having their photos posted. This is from the dining room looking into the Kellerbar and it is even more gorgeous with the soft glow of the holiday lights.

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Sarah said...

The Husband and I love the Rathskeller; we've never eaten anything disappointing there. Even menu items that are not German specialties are great - like the jalapeno poppers. A few years back I was in charge of planning the company Chrsitmas party so we held our banquet there. The food was delicious and I got rave reviews; of course it is easy to throw an awesome party with someone else's money!

WYA! said...

It is a great place for parties. There was one going on while we were there and we almost felt like we were part of it.