Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Paramount Theatre- Anderson, IN

Everyone needs to see the Paramount Theatre in person. It is the most beautiful theatre that we have ever seen. Actually, it might be the most beautiful structure of any kind that we've been inside. Find any excuse you can to go to it; we usually use their Festival of Trees as an opportunity to gawk at the grandeur of it. Unfortunately, a lot of their events just aren't up our alley. We dearly wish that they would show old movies here. These are surroundings suitable for the likes of Harlow, Dietrich, Bogart, and Gable. Pictures can't do it justice but you can get the idea that you feel like you in an ancient Spanish courtyard under a starry sky. It is one of the few "atmospheric" theatres left in the country and it is right in our own backyard. The last picture was on their wall from back in the day when they were showing The Marx Brothers in The Cocoanuts. What we wouldn't give to see that there today.

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Sarah said...

I saw Total Recall there! I had forgotten about that until now.