Monday, December 15, 2008

Cafe Heidelberg- Indianapolis

Cafe Heidelberg is one of our happy places. We've always had great experiences here so now it has that Pavlovian effect on us that as soon as we walk through the doors, we feel good. Celebrating their 40th year, they offer meals (see their menu page) but we tend to visit it more as a dessert cafe. There are glass counters filled with cookies and pastries. We do wish that their items were labeled but we just inquire with the employees to find out what everything is. Since it is that special time of the year, we chose springerle cookies on our recent visit. We hadn't had those before because, knowing that licorice tasting anise is a main ingredient and not our favorite flavor, we didn't think that we would like them much even though they are as cute as can be. However, the folks at Heidelberg have wisely added another springerle option for those of us not crazy about anise. The pink cookies are cherry flavored instead, but still made in the cute molds. We liked those better. We really liked the other dessert that we chose. We don't know what it is called but we usually see if when we go here. It is shaped like a jelly roll and is cake with a smooth, chocolate layer rolling through and it is divine. We had some good coffee with it and it was just the perfect combo for a chilly afternoon.

Aside from the great desserts, the ambience is warm and cozy. Tables and chairs are scattered throughout all kinds of German merchandise. There are beautiful nutcrackers, beer steins, exotic candies, German greeting cards, cooking ingredients, and all kinds of goodies stuck in every nook and cranny. You feel so enveloped by it all that you are completely transported from Pendleton Pike to a little German village. Yes, Pendleton Pike is a major headache right now with construction but, yes, Cafe Heidelberg is worth it.

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Rebecca said...

I'm intrigued by the non-anise springerle. Thanks for the recommendation! I've not been to the Heidelberg since a Girl Scout field trip in 1980-something. Time to go back, I think.