Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hometown Holiday Icons

While we appreciate the cherub that appears downtown during the Christmas season, not having grown up in Indianapolis, it doesn't especially bring back fond memories of yore for us. For Mrs. WYA!, the definitive childhood holiday display is the Wolf and Dessauer Santa Claus that is in downtown Fort Wayne. Sadly, Wolf and Dessauer was before our time but the Santa Claus display lives on and it is good to see the tradition of going downtown to see Santa is being passed down through the generations.

Having driven through many small towns during the holidays throughout the years, we can appreciate the quaint decorations too. The wreaths around lamp posts or garland strung across Main Street. We'd love to hear what your hometown did for the holidays that stands out in your memory.


Kelly said...

growing up north of Ft Wayne, this is my holiday icon too. We'd pile in the van with my Grandma on a road trip from Corunna to see "Santy on the Bank", then hit Coney Island afterward and do our best to confuse the waitstaff and their impeccable in-their-head ordering system.

Then if we were good, Grandma would take the long way home, driving through all the neighborhoods with good Christmas light displays.


WYA! said...

Coney Island- SCORE!!!!

Kevin said...

Oh ya, the mom always made a big deal about that Santa. She still talks about W & D's...I wish I had seen it.