Monday, June 2, 2008

Jimmie's- Pendleton

We've made it a goal to go visit as many old tyme ice cream stands as we can this summer. Jimmie's on S. St. Rd. 67 is the first installment of the series. Salute to them for serving fans since the 1950s. The menu, which you can click the above picture for a larger image of, is massive. Malts are one of our favorites so we decided to try their version and it had a strong malty flavor just like we like. That was all that we had intended to try but, with "best bar-b-q in Indiana" screaming at us from the sign, we had to get a BBQ sandwich to see for ourselves. In fairness, we haven't tried all of the barbeque in Indiana, but Jimmie's was pretty darn good. They are right on South St. Rd. 67 so just cruise on Pendleton Pike and give Jimmie's a try on a hot summer day. We want to keep these cute old places in business. Also, be sure to tell us if you have a favorite classic ice cream shop in Central Indiana and we'll try to fit that into our schedule.
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Kevin said...

Ivanhoe's in Upland (Grant County) is legendary. Be sure to turn around after you enter, there's a huge menu that I missed the first time I visited.

WYA! said...

That is a great tip- thank you! We even pass through Grant County somewhat frequently so we might be able to get there this month. We appreciate that a lot Kevin. Everyone else, we need more!

Anonymous said...

if you get up to Northeast Indiana, head to the Blue Moon at the corner of SR8 & SR327, just outside of Garrett! Fabulous ice cream, and it's right next to the Auburn/Garrett Drive-In. :)

Also, the Frosty Boy in New Palestine is always a treat.

WYA! said...

Thanks anonymous- we know about Frosty Boy and have it on our goal list and we'll try to see if we can get to Blue Moon during one of our frequent trips to Fort Wayne.