Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Summer Entertainment

Now that Memorial Day (Observed) has passed, it is the unofficial start of summer. For many, that evokes thoughts of days wiled away on a boat, exotic vacations, or lounging at the pool. Well, we don't have a boat or a pool and it we probably aren't taking a vacation this summer so we have other benchmarks that we look forward to instead. There are great foods we enjoy in the warmer months and we'll be periodically posting those recipes. We'll enjoy watching our herbs and tomato plants grow but we'll also enjoy our traditional summer viewing. To Mrs. WYA!, summer means it's time to pull out the Gidget: The Entire Series DVD because some independent station used to air those in the days of her summer vacations from school. Plus, Gidget was always at the beach so it's a summer spent at the beach vicariously. There will also be a viewing of The Seven Year Itch while sitting in the air conditioning and eating potato chips and drinking champagne (and even dipping some potato chips in the champagne). This alludes to a particular scene in the movie. If you haven't seen it, make this the summer that you do- Marilyn positively glows in this movie. We also have a tradition of watching The Magnificent Seven on the 4th of July for no other reason than we did it once early in our marriage and just kept doing it. It's Yul Brynner and Steve McQueen for pity's sake, you don't need an excuse to watch them. We also will fit in a viewing of The Long Hot Summer for obvious reasons (obvious being that it is summer and that Paul Newman is staggeringly appealing in this movie- yes, this is Mrs. WYA! writing this post) along with Hud with Paul Newman in the Texas heat. We know that summer is all about soaking up the outdoors but these little viewing traditions feel as much a part of summer to us as cookouts and lemonade.

Mrs. WYA! has a goal of reading as many novels as possible this summer, particularly classics with a summer theme. If you can think of any classic books set in the summer, please let us know.


River said...

You should do a Magnificent 7 double feature this year by watching Seven Samurai first and then going with the main man Steve Mcqueen, since magnificent is the american/remake version of seven samurai, they are both super good movies. Our summer tradition growing up was we always picked one single day and watched nothing but Jimmy Stewart movies from morning till late late night.

WYA! said...

Yea, we know we should watch The Seven Samurai- it's just long but we realize that it is required movie viewing. Your Jimmy Stewart tradition in incredibly cool!