Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clifty Falls State Park- Madison, Indiana

We didn't have a lot of time to devote to Clifty Falls State Park on our recent trip to Southern Indiana. We had a lot on our agenda and we can only be away from home for so long before our Pomeranian starts to revolt. We drove in the south entrance off of SR 56 and headed towards the nearest falls since we didn't have time to explore the whole park. We parked by Hoffman Falls and walked down to see the water. These aren't huge, Hawaii-like falls but they are still pretty. We were excited to finally, after 7 years of faithfully buying the Indiana State Park pass, use it for another park besides the Fort Harrison one that we go to all the time. There were intermittent sprinkles on the day that we were there so the wooden steps that led down to the falls were a bit slick. Mrs. WYA! ended up taking a fall down a couple of them (with no serious injuries). She thought it was awfully funny that she wanted to see the falls and ended up becoming one of the "falls".

The park was gorgeous with everything so lush and green. We look forward to having more time to explore it.

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