Monday, May 11, 2009

El Rincon Jarocho restaurant- Indianapolis, IN

You can't go wrong with the chicken enchilada:
Chicken sopes:

Lengua taco:

This great little place, tucked in on Franklin at Pendleton Pike, is a bare bones, Spanish TV playing/Spanish music jukebox playing little taste of Mexico. Little English is spoken here, but do not fear, English speakers are made to feel welcome.

Jen Fu had given us a tip about the chicken enchilada, which was incredible. The chicken had an intense grilled flavor which resonated throughout the dish. We also ordered the sopes, also with chicken. Sopes are little tostada like discs with beans and meat as toppings. Again, we chose the chicken because it was just so delicious. We do also like to step out of the box so we got a Lengua Taco. Lengua, as you might have guessed, is Spanish for tongue. Usually, we would not choose to taste something that has the capability to taste us back but, what the heck. It tasted like beef so when you go here, give it a try. It's only $1.75 so, even if you don't like it, you can still impress people and appear worldly by saying you've had it.

Our to-go order contained a little container of grated cheese, sour cream, a red salsa that contained a surprising amount of heat and a beautiful little salsa verde that had a wonderful sweet quality. We chose not to put these on the food because we wanted to enjoy the flavors without the salsas. We did enjoy them on the side, with some tortilla chips we had in reserve.
We couldn't find a carry-out menu to post here for you but the prices were good and there was a large variety of food.
El Rincon turned out to be one of those great hidden treasures that we might not have discovered if someone hadn't told us that it was good. That's our favorite kind of place and we're grateful to Jen Fu for the tip.

7985 Plummer St. (near the Pendleton Pike/Franklin Rd. intersection)
Indianapolis, IN 46226

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Jen Fu said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed it. Yum. Chicken.