Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Lovely Lunch at The Cabbage Rose in Pendleton, IN

Even a soggy day is a lovely day to roam in Pendleton. It is an especially lovely place to have lunch with a girlfriend and browse the shops. Mrs. WYA! and her gal pal enjoyed a respite from the rain inside the cozy Cabbage Rose restaurant. We tried their popular strawberry iced tea and indulged in treats such as the chicken velvet soup and tater tots. We're always excited to find tater tots on a menu and the smoked turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce that gave us a reason to order a side of tots was quite delicious itself. Again, we tried to grab a to go menu to post but, alas, they were out of them at the moment.
The Cabbage Rose
118 N. Pendleton Ave.
Pendleton, IN 46064


mheidelberger said...

Definitely need to try; the tots and crandberry sauce sealed the deal!

WYA! said...

:-) Absolutely worth the drive. They serve a big tenderloin there too.