Tuesday, May 26, 2009

GT South's- Indianapolis, IN

South's Sampler Platter:

Pulled Chicken Platter:

GT South's was in the back of our minds as a place we knew that we needed to visit. We thought that it was for a time when were on the south side but reader Tom H. brought to our attention that they have a location closer to us on 71st Street near the Binford intersection. The wonderful BBQ aroma hit us as soon as we walked in the doors. We went there for an early dinner and had a great meal with lightning quick service.

We ordered the South's Sampler Platter. At $16.50 it is one of the pricier menu items but, when you consider the amount of food you get, it seems cheap. This platter came with dry rubbed ribs, where the meat just fell of the bone, brisket that was so tender that it barely required chewing, their pulled pork, and chicken. The pork and chicken came with their BBQ sauce on the side; the choices are mild, hot, and 911 (which seemed ironic since GT South's is beside a police sub station). We opted for the mild which was sweet and smoky. This platter comes with two sides, we chose the mac and cheese and mashed potatoes with gravy. The Mac and Cheese was so decadently rich it was almost obscene. The mashed potatoes were also great. It comes with a corn bread muffin (butter is on the table if you need it- we mention that because we thought they needed butter and didn't notice that until we were done). We also had the pulled chicken platter with the turnip greens and baked beans as sides. Both of those sides were top-notch as well.

They have a sprawling space with three dining areas; one was being set up for a party when we were leaving. We have our eyes on the wings for next time (24 pieces for $8.50!) but Tom H. says good things about the Beef Manhattan too. It looks like we'll have to make a repeat trip there soon. Thanks for the tip Tom!
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Anonymous said...

Looks good. I went to GT about 4 years ago and I wasn't a big fan... but I have heard good things since and I love me some BBQ so I might have to check it out! Those wings are a great deal as well. Most BBQ around the city is just ok, what is your favorite?

WYA! said...

We don't really get BBQ much. We liked the Judge's BBQ sauce at the Eagle Creek Coffee Co. location that used to be on 59th St. in the Fort Ben area (but is now gone and soon to be a La Hacienda). Judge's BBQ is still on Michigan Street- we just haven't been to that location. www.judgesbbq.com

Tom said...

I'm thrilled you liked it so much! Reading the review sure makes me want to pay them a visit :~)

I'm fairly loyal to GT South's, but I have also enjoyed some of the offerings at HogHeads BBQ (the Broad Ripple location). There is a very reasonably priced chicken salad sandwich that is made with smoked chicken... the brisket is also quite good... and the fried biscuits with apple butter never fail to disappoint.

WYA! said...

Mmmmmmmm, fried biscuits. :-)

Tom said...

enjoyed some pints at the broad ripple brewpub last night and discovered that sad news...

regret to report that Hogheads in Broad Ripple has closed for business... not sure about their other locations outside of indy.

makes me want to go get that sampler platter at GT South's and do my part to make sure they stay open!! :~)

WYA! said...

Amen Tom. We've got to give the places we love some patronage, especially now.