Friday, May 15, 2009

Neko in Indy!!!!!!!!!!!!

For the second time in about a month, while casually flipping through Nuvo, we were happily shocked to discover a favorite female artist is coming to Indy. First, it was Lucinda Williams and now it is Neko Case! We thought that all of her concert dates were already set and we were almost thinking we'd go to Pittsburgh later in the summer to see her. She's coming to Clowes and it's even on a Friday (July 17th). We are so excited (well, Mrs. WYA! is beside herself with excitement- Mr. WYA! has never really listened to her so he'll be putting her CDs in heavy rotation for awhile to get acquainted with her). We think this is way bigger news than the Elton John/Billy Joel show that is getting the big press treatment but, our tastes never were very much in line with the mainstream.

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