Monday, May 4, 2009

Southport Antique Mall

Southport Antiques is a fun and huge antique mall. We may have been here once before but, if so, it was years ago. Our recent trip has now made it one of our favorite antique malls (with Midland being at the top). It is sprawling and has all kinds of goodies around every corner. Mrs. WYA! was a goner right off the bat when one of the first tables we came to had old magazines. The movie magazine with Clark Gable on the cover that was only $10 was tempting, but it was the romance magazines with the gorgeous ladies on the covers that came home with us and will soon be framed and hanging in our hallway. We also found a Cherry Ames book that was only $5 and a new, glamorous magnetized shopping list. This place was a lot of fun and worth the drive if you don't live on the south side of town.

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Stacy said...

One of my favorite places!!