Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stream Cliff Herb Farm- Commiskey, Indiana

Interior of Twigs & Sprigs:

There were several options of iced tea flavors of the day (which excited us to no end). We loved the Earl Grey one and the Black Currant one:

The Turkey Club Croissant:

The Heart of the Garden sandwich:

Hot fudge cheesecake:

A sample page of the menu:

The grounds:

We have had Stream Cliff Herb Farm's website bookmarked for a long time and, since it was on our way home from Madison, we finally were able to visit it. It was worth the wait. Down a winding road you come upon the gorgeous grounds. There is a lot going on here; there's a winery, a country store, plants you can buy, a garden to walk through, and the lovely Twigs and Sprigs restaurant/tearoom. We were famished by the time we got there so we headed straight to Twigs and Sprigs. We had been looking forward to having their Afternoon Country Tea Service but, since we hadn't eaten much all day, we had to have sandwiches. We ordered a turkey club that came on a fluffy croissant and a delicious turkey and cheese with artichokes on focaccia bread sandwich. They were served with pita chips and fruit. They were both very good and beautifully presented with an edible flower on the plate. Since we had it in our minds that we were going to get something sweet here, we had to order a dessert to share. There were many tempting choices but we went with a hot fudge cheesecake that was as delectable as it sounds. They normally don't serve dinner but do have special Candlelight Dinners that sound amazing. Here is the list of dates and what will be served. We just might have to make a point of going back for one of those.

They also offer a full calendar of workshops covering everything from Food Preservation to Painting a Silk Scarf.

We loved it here and highly recommend it.


Rebecca said...

In the pictures, it reminds me of Nature's Cottage up in Westfield. I love little places like this, especially when there's a garden involved.

WYA! said...

We'll have to check that one out too.

Anne said...

You always find the coolest stuff! This is definately going on my "Bucket List"!

WYA! said...

Aw, thanks Anne. This place was just absolutely lovely so we hope you get there and hope that you like it too.

baikinange said...

I just took my mom here this weekend and we both LOVED it. I can't tell you how happy I am you take the time to post your adventures.

WYA! said...

Oh, we're so glad that you made the drive here and liked it. We thought it was just gorgeous (and tasty). Thanks so much for the kind words. Sometimes, we're not sure how much longer we can keep the pace up and keep blogging so we appreciate the encouragement.