Tuesday, January 20, 2009

We feared that this day would come. The Fort Wayne Journal Gazette reports that the Decatur Road Scott's store is closing. Current Fort Wayne residents and former residents know this store by the awesome cornucopia that has been there ever since we can remember. This was the grocery store that Mrs. WYA! went to as a child and she has fond memories of it. This picture was taken during a 2004 remodeling when we were afraid that the cornucopia might not be there forever. Aside from the distinct memory of that sign, there used to be a cool carport type of set up where you could park underneath it right in front of the store (remember, it's the little things that kids think are cool). There was also a fountain in the produce section that impressed Mrs. WYA! as a child too. Her fuzzy memory thinks it was maybe a boy and a fish with one of them spitting water (?). Anyway, time rolls on and a lot of people will hold on to memories of this store.


Harl Delos said...

Some of us still think of that store as Eavey's.

When it was built, they said it was the largest supermarket in the world.

I'm not sure exactly how long they retained their title. I suspect the original Meijer's store (they called it Thrifty Acres back then) was bigger.

Kelly said...

wow. I have a lot of fond memories of that store, too - in my first forays to Fort Wayne post-driver's license, I would use the cornucopia to navigate whenever I was on that part of town. Sorta like the GE sign and the Sunbeam bread billboard on Pearl St. ;)

My hometown Scott's closed when Kroger came to town. It's been an empty big box for almost 3 years, sadly.

WYA! said...

Yes, it was a great landmark for getting around. Kristina over at the Child of the Fort blog (that we link to in our noteworthy column on the right) has some more cool pictures and is working hard to save the sign.
Just you mentioning the Sunbeam sign makes me smell the bread cooking.