Wednesday, January 28, 2009

That is a lot of snow. It's days like these when Mrs. WYA! thanks her lucky stars that she works from home. Mr. WYA!, however, is not so lucky. We finally tried out our Toro Power Shovel last night. We bought it at Hedlund's; we are always glad to give them our business because they have been at 62nd and Keystone since 1935! Anyway, we're not technically inclined so we were glad to see that we just basically had to pull it out of the box, plug it in, and it was good to go. It shot the snow way up and did a darn good job of clearing our sidewalk and driveway in no time. It's perfect for us because we don't really have the room to store a full-fledged snow blower. Mr. WYA! said it was the best 100 bucks (approximately- it's been a month or so since we bought it) that he ever spent.


nora said...

I love Hedlunds - wandering around the store is a real treat, as is rattling off what the problem is and having them hand you the right belt, caulk or hose - even though you didn't have any idea what you were talking about.

nora said...

I love Hedlunds. Sometimes I just stop in to soak it all in.