Sunday, January 4, 2009

We don't begin to understand the religious intricacies clashing over the restoration of Istanbul's Hagia Sophia but, when we read this article in Smithsonian magazine, we were really enthralled with it and hope for artistry's sake that it gets restored someday.


Kevin said...

The greatest building ever built, IMO, and certainly the best I've seen in person. This place was so ahead of its time that 1000 years later, when the impressive Blue Mosque was built, they cheated and built it with huge pillars, which are not used in Hagia Sofia. The support structure in the Hagia Sofia was hidden in the walls, leaving a massive open space. And Istanbul is an earthquake zone!

WYA! said...

You know, you're so darned well traveled that we figured you had seen this in person. We're so jealous. The Smithsonian site had a pretty cool 360 video tour of it for us though.