Monday, January 26, 2009

Dim Sum at Shanghai Lil

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we decided to go to Shanghai Lil for dim sum on Sunday. We got there around 1PM and there was a pretty good crowd but we were quickly seated to a booth. They don't do the type of dim sum service here where carts of food are brought table side. Instead, we were give a paper dim sum menu (pictured above so you can click to enlarge) and we marked the items that we wanted. The dishes then come out in stages. The bottom line with our experience there was that while most of our food was good, the food was really slow in getting to us. There seemed to be long gaps in between the various dishes that we ordered and we finally had to cancel our sesame ball dessert since we had already been there for so long. The only item that we were served that we weren't crazy about was the stuffed eggplant because we didn't realize that the eggplant would be fried beyond recognition. We liked the pork meatballs and Lou Bah Pork with egg on rice that are pictured. It's a gorgeous restaurant and they can make good food but, on the whole, the slow service marred our visit.
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