Saturday, November 29, 2008

We know that every building can't be saved but it kills us that Indy used to have a "flatiron" building like the other city that we love so much, New York. It was at the corner of Pennyslvania and Massachusetts Avenue and was dedicated in 1907. It was torn down in the 60s to make way for the new Indiana National Bank building. This map from 1821 shows how Mass Ave and Penn used to intersect. When engineer Alexander Ralston mapped the new capital of Indiana in 1821, he planned the town as one mile square because he didn't believe it would ever be any larger. Just a little bit of trivia from Edward A. Leary's Indianapolis A Pictorial History.

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mheidelberger said...

I have a 'then and now' typed book about Indianapolis, and I love that building as well as the one in New York City. It's really is tragic to see so much of our original architecture lost to history.