Saturday, November 22, 2008

Scenes from... Indy International Festival

This must be our year to get to festivals for the first time that we've heard about for years only to be disappointed to find out that they aren't as cool as we imagined. We went to the Fairgrounds last night to check out the International Festival and found flea market type merchandise and foods from restaurants we go to anyway for a lot less money than was charged here. When you can go to Shalimar or Da Blu Lagoon and have a reasonably priced buffet, why would you pay so much more here along with the $9 admission fee and $3 to park? We usually stay away from events at the Fairgrounds just for that nickel and dime reason. Once we pay to park and pay an admission fee, it takes away money that we would have spent at the event. We had a couple of unremarkable sambosas and then just called it an evening.


mheidelberger said...

Didn't get to see this one, but that sounds similar to the experience my girlfriend and I had at the Greek Fest earlier this year.

Rebecca said...

I loved it in 5th grade but was disappointed when I went a few years ago. It sounds so good in theory, too. Bummer!