Thursday, November 13, 2008

Jyoti- have an Indian feast at home

When we were at Jungle Jim's, we tasted a sample of the canned Jyoti Peas and Indian Home Style Cheese. It was so good that we bought a couple of cans of it. We came back to Indy and found out that it is available at the "Whole Foods" in Nora along with other entrees such as Delhi Saag and Madras Sambar. These taste restaurant quality good to us and they are very convenient.

There's little that we value more in our kitchen than our rice maker. We love that we can just put the scoops of rice and water in it and it will cook it perfectly while we are free to prepare other things. For your bargain at home Indian feast, jasmine rice works perfectly. We also love the frozen naan that Trader Joe's usually carries. However, this week we couldn't find it and we hope that it is just temporarily out of stock. It's not as good, but we made an easy flatbread to sop up all of the Jyoti goodness using this recipe. The only thing we did that Wikihow doesn't mention is that we put butter in our pan to cook them.

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