Monday, November 3, 2008

The Artcraft Theatre- Franklin, IN

We made our first visit to Franklin and to the Artcraft to see Bela Lugosi's Dracula on the big screen. The Artcraft was every bit as cute as we thought that it would be. They have a beautiful marquee and ticket window and while it isn't as huge or as ornate as some of Indiana old theatres, it has tons of charm. From what we have read, they obviously have lots of fun getting into the spirit of showing old movies here and, even though we were at the 2PM show on a Friday, that sense of fun was obvious through all of their Halloween decorations and the shorts that they ran before the movie. Their 2008/2009 line-up of movies looks great and you can click the picture for a larger image to check out the dates you'll want to keep free so that you can experience the Artcraft for yourself.


nora said...

I love the Artcraft. I was lucky enough to get to poke around when an old boyfriends band played there. I may or may not have made-out with a certain guitar player backstage.

Anonymous said...

You should have gone for a evening
show. Those people get INTO it..!
The have something called "Short
Attention Span Theater" which is a
skit about the movie,then they do
a prize is AWESOME.

It's right downtown,you can't miss
it (we came from Greensburg) and
five bucks a ticket? Cheap in a
good way..

-Melanie Jakes

WYA! said...

We'll eventually get to an evening show but we enjoyed it even without all of the audience participation.

kwmays said...

As young lad in franklin i would go here many times. Sci-Fi, monster flicks and epics from the ten commandments to lawrence of aribia. In my junior high years I picked up and made out with many a young lass in the back row and would smoke in the rest room. Admission was a quater and pop-corn from the pop corn lady was a dime. I left in 1964 and did not return until 2005. Even bought a sweatshirt which hangs in my office at the dorothy Cahndler Pavillion in the Los Angeles Music Center.