Friday, November 7, 2008

Geez, now we have to find time to get to St. Augustine, FL in the next year or so. Mrs. WYA! has a major soft spot for Bob Hope (a carry-over from her childhood spent watching his movies on what was then WFFT Super 55 in Fort Wayne with Steve Shine doing awesome voice overs) and the World Golf Hall of Fame is having an exhibit entitled "Bob Hope: Shanks for the Memory". Per the USA Today article, it will feature "sets designed to reflect locations significant in Hope's life, a sampling of his 54 honorary degrees and costumes from his TV shows. The Bob Hope Theater will feature some of his best known golf skits and emphasize the more than 700-plus USO trips he took with stars such as Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Clark Gable, Fred Astaire and Marilyn Monroe to entertain troops, from World War II through the Gulf War."


Anonymous said...

This is totally unrelated to this post ... but I wanted to thank you for posting "real person" reviews of local eateries! My husband and I moved to Indy 7 years ago from Michigan. Back home there are a ton of restaurants we love that our families have gone to for generations and I miss that. When we go out to eat here in Indy, I always want to try the small family-owned places but my husband is more of a "know what you're getting" chain restaurant kind of guy. I just discovered your blog and hopefully I can use it to convince him that we need to try some of the places you've reviewed.
~ Lauren

WYA! said...

You made our day Lauren. We hope that you are enjoying Indy and we hope that you have luck persuading your Hubby to give some local eateries a try.