Friday, April 4, 2008

This American Life

We became fans of This American Life with Ira Glass when we had Showtime. If you aren't familiar with it, it is a radio show from Chicago Public Radio and then Showtime started airing their TV version of the show. The topics are wide ranging and highlight the vast diversity of this country and its people. It is often enlightening, touching, and funny. The radio show is carried locally on WFYI 90.1 but it is on at 11Pm on Saturdays so you might want to check out the podcasts. Anyway, it is coming to the big screen and tickets go on sale today. It is for one night only and is live via satellite from New York on May 1st at 8PM. You can even submit questions to Ira and he might answer them that night. In the Indianapolis area, it is at the Galaxy 14 Theatre on E. 96th St. and at the Showplace with IMAX on South Meridian.

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