Saturday, April 5, 2008

Broad Ripple Brewpub

We never made a bee line for the Broad Ripple Brewpub because we just assumed that it was typical bar food. Then, we heard that they had vegetarian dishes and knew that they must be a little more innovative than we thought. So, on a recent brisk day, we headed to the Brewpub that we had passed so many times while walking the Monon Trail. We mention that it was brisk because you will want to be seated far from the door if the weather is inclement. The front door opens a lot, many of the comings and goings are due to smokers heading outside between brews. Aside from being cold, the interior of the place was very inviting. The dark wood was comforting and you can tell that one of the owners is from England and not just a poser trying to imagine what an English pub should look like. We tried the soft pretzels to start since those are something we don't usually see offered as an appetizer. We got 2 with mustard and they were soft and salty and just as they should be. Among the many vegetarian options was Shepherd's Pie so we tried that. The Shepherd's Pie came in a crock and was topped with mashed potatoes. We would have been satisfied if it was just all chunks of veges but the Morningstar Farms-like vege crumbles were fine. On the more carnivorous end of the spectrum, we also ordered the bangers and mash. They couldn't have been tastier and were accompanied by mashed potatoes and peas. All and all, a very pleasant meal- now we know.

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Kirsten said...

It may be a bit more humble than the Shepherd's Pie, but the vegetarian sloppy joe at the Brew Pub is absolutely one of my favorite bar food meals in town. Order it with the pub chips or veggie chips, and it becomes even better. Of course, the beers are nothing to be sad about either!