Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pachyderm paintings

In case you missed the spot on Good Morning America last week, here is a link to elephants in Thailand that paint, http://news.search.yahoo.com/news/search?p=ELEPHANT&c=av. The ones that we found most impressive were the paintings of elephants! Evidently, elephants have the ability to recognize their own image. Wow! We thought that we would like to own one of the elephant as painted by elephant pieces and found this website, http://www.elephantart.com/catalog/splash.php We like Hong's work but it appears to be sold out right now. We also learned that they are doing this closer to home at the Milwaukee zoo: http://www.usatoday.com/tech/products/2008-04-07-animal-artists_N.htm?POE=click-refer

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Anne Laker, IMA said...

Hello. Speaking of art:
I'm wondering if you feel this event is worth your attention. It's Friday night at the IMA. It's called Maya Variations for Earth Harp. Details at:
http://www.imamuseum.org/calendar/earthharp. It will include a room-sized harp with the audience beneath it. Evocative, moody, mesmerizing. Thank you.