Saturday, April 12, 2008

Foodies' delight

Here's a shout out to a couple of local bloggers and an interesting food site to visit.

First, you probably are already familiar with the popular Feed Me/Drink Me blog but, if not, check it out: It is extremely informative and we were bummed to read that the Whole Foods for Indianapolis continues to be delayed.

As far as healthy food options go (and some weight loss inspiration) check out 32 pounds lost so far- NICE!

Finally, there is this website, You might want to check out the Indianapolis listings or, if you have a trip coming up, do some research on other cities. Indy has 5 pages of listings and it is hard to argue with any of them. Does SI (Scholar's Inn) really have the best brunch? We haven't checked it out in its new incarnation. Leave us a comment and let us know where you think the best Central Indiana brunch is.


Phil Lavoie said...

I think the best breakfast in town is Ruth's Keystone Cafe, Zest! Exciting Food Creations, or Petite Chou.

The breakfast at these places are fantastic. I'm always open to new places, so I hope you get many comments.

Kirsten said...

The best brunch in town, even though it's not open very late or on Sunday at all, is City Cafe. Their eggs benedict is awesome. Ask for the cajun ketchup and, if you have any sense, you'll be leaving with a bottle all your own to enjoy at home.

Hannah said...

I just went to Meridian for brunch yesterday and it rocked! I had blueberry griddle cakes (that barely fit on the plate). The homefries were little puffy fried bites of potato heaven. Very traditional menu with some pizzazz.

WYA! said...

Thanks Hannah- we have had our eye on Meridian's brunch. We'll have to get there for that.