Monday, April 14, 2008

Die! Mommie! Die! at TOTS

In short, Go! Indianapolis-ites! Go! We went to Theatre on the Square this past weekend to check out Charles Busch's play Die! Mommie! Die! This attracted our attention because we had heard the raves about the New York production of this show last autumn. It was doing big business while the other shows were dark because of the strike. So, when we saw that it was being presented in our own backyard, we excitedly headed to TOTS on Mass Ave. This was only the second time that we had ever been to TOTS. If you have not seen a production there, here is the scoop. It is intimate. There are only about 5 rows with a wide center section and smaller left and right sections. All seats are good which is why all seats cost the same amount. The box office opens an hour before showtime and we got there about 1/2 an hour before showtime and were able to get tickets. The location is a convenient reason to patronize nearby Aesop's Tables, the Rathskeller, SI, MacNiven's, or any of the other tasty Massachusetts Avenue eateries. The show is a riot, especially if you are a sucker for campy Hollywood stuff, which we are. We aren't theatre critics but we can tell you that we laughed out loud (which we rarely do at plays or movies). Check out TOTS' website for a plot synopsis but, be warned, it does have spoilers and might tell you more than you want to know. In short, Brent Marty as superstar Angela Arden is a riot, there is a simulated LSD trip, an unbelievable suppository and it all comes in under 2 hours even with a 15 minutes intermission. What a bargain for $25. You only have this coming weekend up, and April 25th and 26th catch it.

We also found out that next season TOTS will be presenting Evil Dead: The Musical. We went to see this in New York City in 2006 so we can't wait to check out the local version.

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