Friday, April 25, 2008

Don't miss the Stutz Open House in Downtown Indianapolis

If you are already a fan of this annual event, there is no chance that you will miss it. If you haven't been before we really encourage you to go tonight or Saturday. This is such a great event. We love the Stutz building and its historical and industrial feel. Sometimes, art galleries can feel intimidating, especially if you know that chances are small that you are actually going to buy anything but you like to look. The Stutz building and studios just feel comfortable and we never feel any pressure to purchase. The snacks and libations provided by the artists are so lovely and, the past couple of years, Hoaglin to Go has set up a killer good spread of food near the studio of one of our favorite artists, Laura LaForge. The sun dried tomato pesto torta is heaven. If crowds aren't your thing, go on Saturday. We went on Saturday for the first time last year and were amazed at the difference between the Friday night crowds and the laid back Saturday scene. Enjoy this great event that our city has to offer. Even if you aren't that into art, go for the ambiance and be sure to check out the cool old cars throughout the building.

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