Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Saraga Grocery

We recently visited Saraga grocery for only the second time and were even more impressed this time. Even if it is out of your way on Commercial Drive between 38th St. and Lafayette Road you will want to make a special trip to explore it. As their website says, it is one stop ethnic shopping. We like to roam the rows and just gawk at the produce we've never heard of, the teas, the snacks, and especially the frozen food items. There are so many dumplings here and who doesn't love dumplings? We picked up several goodies and today we will rave about the "red bean buns". These aren't red beans in a dumpling style but rather ensconced in a super tasty bread- oh my! (Steam for 6 minutes and they are ready to go! we use a microwave steamer, some plastic wrap and a microwavable glass dish) They tasted even better than they sounded and, paired with some roasted vegetables, made a perfect meal. We'll review the other goodies that we bought as we make them but there is one other little scrumptious thing we can tell you about that we picked up as an impulse item at the check-out. There were plastic containers with "sesame balls". One had 2 big ones but we chose the one with minis. Not sweet, but oh so good. We could not stop popping them.

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