Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Scenes from... Noblesville, Indiana

We didn't stop in at Syd's or the Uptown Cafe but we adore their signage. We think Syd's looks like a place where Andy Capp would hang out:

Logan Street:

Some of the rooms at Logan Village Mall:

Nostalgic Noblesville art by Brad Cook:

The lovely room by Hortons of Tipton:

Looks like a must-do:

A display by Blue Moon Pottery:

The view of the sprawling Noblesville Antique Mall from the upstairs:

Some of the offerings at Linden Tree gifts:

We really appreciated the iced coffees at Noble Coffee & Tea (933 Logan St):

Downtown Noblesville really has everything going for it. It has the classic square around a gorgeous courthouse and a lot of cute shops all around the square (along with a coffeehouse and restaurants). We think it's really one of the most charming downtowns in the central Indiana area. We really love the Logan Village Mall. There are tons of rooms here covering a wide spectrum of styles; everything from primitive and shabby chic to sports memorabilia (at Casey's Dry Goods). There is also one of our favorite rooms, the one with the old timey candy. This is were you can pick up some all-day lollipops and slo-pokes along with nearly every other childhood favorite. There was another interesting room by Brad and Christine Cook with art work depicting classic Noblesville on cards and framed prints. There was also a room that seemed new since we were there last. It was by Hortons of Tipton and it smelled good and had beautiful things in it. There was a sign that they are having their First Annual French Flea Market on July 11th at their flagship store in Tipton. That sounds so intriguing that it looks like we'll be making our first visit to Tipton for it next month. There are so many nooks and crannies in the Logan Village Mall that you'll want to allow plenty of time for browsing. It's our favorite kind of antique mall where there are not only antiques but also original pieces of art (like the pretty pottery pieces from Blue Moon Pottery).

For a more traditional antique mall, don't miss the Noblesville Antique Mall at 20 N. 9th Street across from the courthouse. You'll need to allow plenty of time to browse here too because their is a huge main floor, a smaller upstairs, and a fairly sprawling basement.

One of our favorite shops for new items is Linden Tree Gifts. They have everything from home decor and jewelry to cards and purses. On our last visit, we admired the beautiful vases from Fringe Studio. We didn't get any pictures of the Fringe selection at Linden Tree Gifts but you can take a look at their beautiful glass pieces on Amazon (but then go buy them at Linden Tree).

There are many other shops and you can see a list of them on Downtown Noblesville's website.


baikinange said...

At first I thought the sign for the French flea market in Tipton said it was at the Hooters....but now that I take a closer look, I think it sounds like a fun trip.

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