Monday, June 22, 2009

The Ice House Restaurant- Indianapolis, IN

The heavy front door:

Click the image for a larger picture of the menu:
Pretty stained glass leading into the bar side:

The Giant Chef Salad:

The Giant Breaded Tenderloin:

We love independent restaurants but we don't love the unpredictability of their limited information on the Internet or their quirky hours. We haven't posted about a restaurant in awhile because we've run into a string of bad luck as far as places not being open when we thought that they were. The Ice House was actually our Plan B after finding out that Plan A was not open for Saturday lunch. We were intrigued by it because we had read that it was a former ice storage building that had been converted to a restaurant. We asked our exceptionally nice server about this and she said no, it has always been this restaurant and they just built the front door very heavy to seem like an ice storage building. Still, it was a cool space with high ceilings and unique decor. Once inside the heavy front door is a door on the right, for the family room, and a door straight ahead to go into the bar. The place mat menu showed your basic restaurant/bar food such as sandwiches, ribs, and burgers. Mrs. WYA! was happy to see the "Giant Chef Salad" on the menu and ordered that with turkey as her meat of choice. Mr. WYA! had to tackle the "Giant Breaded Tenderloin". There were several TVs to watch as we waited for our food and sipped our high caliber iced teas. There was also free popcorn to nibble on which was appreciated. You just help yourself to the bowls by the popcorn maker as much as you want. The salad was indeed giant and good with raspberry vinaigrette dressing. The breaded tenderloin was not only the biggest tenderloin in diameter that we ever recall seeing, but also tasty.

We'd never heard of this place before the day we went but we thought it was a nice, casual place.

[sorry the pictures are a little dark- it was pretty dim in there and we didn't want to draw attention to ourselves by using the flash]

2352 S. West St.
Indianapolis, IN 46225

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Anonymous said...

I was really excited to try this local restaurant until I realized it's not smoke-free. I'll check back for the day when it's nonsmoking.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous....I have eaten at the resturant for years. I love the fact you can enjoy a smoke after a meal. I must also add there has never been a time when the food was not wonderful. Your stomach will always be full when you leave. Glad to see them posted on the site.